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Volunteer at a Childcare Centre - Mombasa

Assist education, counselling, arts and sports for impoverished children and orphans from Mombasa's slums

Price: GBP £595 /person
Duration: 14 days
Activities:Volunteer Project, Cultural Tours

What Difference Does This Project Make?

The Olives Rehabilitation Centre aims to provide under-privileged children with free education, taken for granted in developed nations. Critically the centre provides lunch for the children; hunger is one of the most common reasons children fail to attend government schools. In a holistic approach the centre offers counselling to children that come from broken or abusive homes or are orphaned, as well as to parents. Entirely reliant on independent donors to rent small, basic classrooms, and volunteer teachers, the centre achieves remarkable results - children sponsored to go onto private mainstream education are typically within the top 10% of their class. The project delivers opportunities to children from disrupted homelives, supporting health and social awareness in an area with high HIV prevalence, prostitution and drug abuse, and limited access to healthcare. Volunteers not only make a direct contribution caring for and educating the children but increase the capacity of the centre to improve facilities, programmes and funding.


A life changing experience caring for orphaned and vulnerable children; support primary education and receive training in communicative teaching; develop health, social and environmental awareness programmes through arts and sports; guide children on trips to Haller Park to view giraffe, hippo & crocodile. Put your skills and experience to use improving facilities and resources or fund-raising. Live amongst, learn from and support Kenya's urban impoverished communities; learn Swahili. Explore Mombasa's history, culture, beaches and nightlife.


Mombasa sits on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast. Bombolulu is the city's largest slum area, adjacent to the wealthy suburb of Nyali, north of Mombasa island. The area includes the marine park and Mombasa's finest beaches, bars, restaurants and nightlife. Field Conditions The accommodation will consist of group living in a basic house with access to electricity and running water. Volunteers will be in mixed-sex dormitories and share cooking and cleaning duties. Food will take the form of simple, nutritious local meals.

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