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Conservation Safaris
Kenya Conservation Internship Research cetacean populations

Kenya Conservation Internship Research cetacean populations, study coastal forest biodiversity, gain a qualification in tropical habitat survey techniques, develop skills and knowledge to support a career in conservation.

Missionary Safaris
Visit children homes, exploration of the great rift valley, visit the world famous bird paradise, witness the annual migration of wildebeests, visit the 8th wonder of the world, experience the diversity of worship, visit waterfalls around Thika.
Mountain Climbing
East Africa boasts some of the great mountain climbing expeditions in the world. Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro - the highest peaks in Africa enables one to conquer the rooftops of Africa.
The Chyullu Hills and the Loroghi Hills provide some of the best Trekking spots in Kenya for adventurous travellers. Come and experience great and amazing treks as you take your vacation in Kenya.
Volunteer Safaris
From Childcare centres to the conservation of Dolphins along the white sandy beaches of Mombasa Kenya, the volunteer travellers will have a whole buffet of expeditions to undertake while giving back to the world we travel in.
Golfing Safaris
Discover Kenya's royal golf clubs and fields as you tee off while on vacation. We have some of the most amazing golf courses awaiting to be explored. Come join other experienced golfers and travellers alike and share in this great golfing experience.
Obama Heritage Safaris
Discover the roots and heritage of America's most iconic president and where his life began from such humble background to rise to become on of the most influential leaders heading the most powerful nation on earth today
Cultural Safaris
Africa Boasts some of the most varied, call them primitive and yet so cherished cultures that an amazing norm in the world arena. This is your chance to get first hand experience of these primeval cultures and be part of the exciting past that is 'living' today